February 21, 2020 - 2:45pm -- ufferman.1@osu.edu

Recently, ractopamine-free swine production became a market specification through much of the U.S. pork packing industry. Although ractopamine (sold under the trade names Paylean® or Engain® for swine) is an approved product used to increase lean growth rate, it has been banned in many international pork markets. In short, ractopamine-free means that a pig has never been fed or exposed to ractopamine – from the time of birth to the time of market.

Because ractopamine has been banned in international markets, swine exhibited at the 2020 Ohio State Fair and Morrow County Fair are required to be ractopamine-free. To ensure that exhibitors follow this protocol, the Ohio State Fair and the Morrow County Fair will secure a signed affidavit from a parent or legal guardian which states that the pigs exhibited by their showman have never been offered ractopamine.

Morrow County will be providing more information and forms to be utilized for the county level at a later date, but at this time please be aware that swine are to be ractopamine free from birth to market. 

See fact sheet in this newsletter and more information at the following website.  If you will be buying swine there is a producer affidavit at this website you can utilize for your records. 


Exhibiting A Ractopamine-Free Swine Project Factsheet