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Mandatory DUNF

JR Fair Exhibitor, Please READ and Fill out Form

Mandatory Online Drug Use Notification Form (DUNF) is due by (next) Sunday, August 27 at 12 noon.

Not sure yet which animal is coming? Fill it out for each potential animal or pair/pen!!

Even if your animals weren’t given medications this is form is still required by ODA.   You will not be permitted to show if this is not completed. 

Please read the following information prior to filling it out! It will be easier if you have all the correct information! 

If you are not attending the Morrow County Jr. Fair with a Market Animal, Horse, Lactating Goat or Dairy Cow you may disregard/trash this email!

A Drug Use Notification Form (DUNF) is mandatory for ALL Market Animals, Lactating Goats or Dairy Cattle and Horses for the Morrow County Jr. Fair and Ohio Department of Agriculture! 

Please, fill out this online survey by Sunday, August 27, 12 noon!!! 

  • You will need tag numbers, breed, color, and sex of your market/horse animals to fill it out. Go write them down and what member is taking which animal before you begin!!  Or go to the barn 😊
  • Fill out the form for each animal except poultry (**see below) and rabbits (**see below).
  • If any of your animals have not met a withdrawal time by the first day of fair or you are giving it medications (horses only) during fair you must fill out the appropriate sections when asked
  • Be sure your email is entered correctly, you won’t get an email confirmation if it’s not correct.

** Poultry – pens of birds should be listed together on the same form and for the identification number put the word “Pen”.  Broilers are all cockerels. 

** Rabbits – Put them all on the same form for each member, even if they are 2 singles or a pen of 3.

-Horse - put the horse’s name in the identification number.

-Sheep and Goats may just list the last 4 digits of the scrapie tag number.

-Feeders – fill it out. They are considered a market animal.

Click here for the survey:  

If you have questions please, please ask!  This will be one less thing to worry about at fair 😊!   Due Sunday at 12 noon! 

Becky, Lindsey Gallik, and Lisa Duckworth