Horse/Pony/Mini Form options:

  1. Print all forms needed, complete them, scan them and either email, mail or put in the OSU Extension drop box located in the row of mailboxes at the Ag Credit Building.
  2. Utilize the fillable pdf forms needed and email them to listed below address or print filled out documents and then follow options in #1.
  3. Utilize your 4-H online enrollment program to fill out your Horse ID and to upload forms filled out and needed.   Utilize Google or Firefox.
    1. Login to your family profile
    2. Find the member you want to add a horse ID and forms to and click on “edit”.
    3. In the top left, under the “Ohio 4-H” and the youth name, click on “Animals/Livestock”
    4. Find the specie type in the drop down and select “horse” or “pony” and then click on “add animal”, fill out the information and upload pictures and documents in this section. 
    5. You can upload the King and Queen form in the “Other County Form”.  Please email scholarship applications. 
    6. DON’T FORGET TO CLICK SAVE AT THE BOTTOM!  You can go back in and edit/add forms once the horse/pony is saved. 
    7. This method can be used for reenrolling horses or new horses.  No need to record if the horse is new or a reenroll.  You can enter as many horses as needed. 

Email: or

Due at Skillathons, August 9 & 10:

  •                 Fair Sponsorship Form (available soon)

Due at Fair:

  •                 Freestyle Reining (available soon)
  •                 Cloverbud Stick Horse Event (available soon)